Dahua X650

This product is a quadcopter drone which includes the aircraft, payload, remote control. It’s designed for public security, transportation, firefighting, border defense, agricultural and forestry, and energy industries. It provides a complete aerial video surveillance solution with long transmission distance, high hovering accuracy, and 30x optical zoom capabilities.


■Ultra-light carbon
■666mm Diagonal base
■Max. flight time: 25min
■Max. speed: 25m / s
■Max. signal transmission distance: 3-5km
■Maximum lifting height: 1500m
■PTZ Accuracy: ± 0.01 °
■Satellite positioning system: GPS / Beidou / GLONASS


This product is a quadcopter drone that includes aircraft, payload,
Remote Control. It was designed for public safety, transportation,
firefighting, border defense, agriculture and forestry and energy industries.

Provides a complete surveillance solution aerial video with long transmission distance, high accuracy float and 30x optical zoom features.


Smart mode
The drone allows convenient operation with several smart modes,
including flight path, waypoint flight (notification point), circle (points of interest) and direction lock mode. The drone can
take off automatically and enable smart mode by moving according to predefined route / waypoints and points of interest.
When the mission is over, the drone will return to base and land automatically.

Security mechanism
There are a number of security mechanisms that guarantee operation safe and reliable use of drones. If the drone runs out of battery or leaves the control range, signal an alarm and return to the base automatically, triggering the landing mode. The EFence feature makes it easy to set flight limits, preventing the drone fly to restricted areas.

Quick assembly and disassembly
All parts of the drone, including battery, payload, propellers, antenna and arms of the aircraft can be quickly assembled and dismantled, ensuring immediate mission readiness, as well as quick extraction.

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