Dahua X820

Technical Specification(Aircraft)

Diagonal Wheelbase 940mm
Dimensions 717(mm) x 775(mm) x 520(mm)
Package Dimensions 600(mm) x 430(mm) x 720(mm)
Satellite Positioning Systems GPS/Beidou/GLONASS
Net Weight 3.35kg
Max. Takeoff Weight 10kg(22.05lb)
Landing Gear Remote control
Navigation Light 4pcs
Flight Parameter
Max. Flight Time(No Playload) 45mins
Hovering Power 800W
Hovering Accuracy Vertical: ±0.5m , Horizontal: ±1.5m(<Lev.3 wind)
Max. Speed 25m/s
Max. Flight Height 1500m(4921.3ft)
Max. Takeoff Altitude 5000m(16404.2ft)
Max. Ascent Speed 8.3m/s
Max. Descent Speed 3.5m/s
Max. Tilt Angle 20°
Max. Wind Speed Resistance 15m/s
Max. Angular Velocity 100°/s
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 60°C (-4°F ~ 140°F)
Low Voltage Protection
3rd level: alarm
2nd level: return
1st level: forced landing
Black Box Automatic recording of flight data
Intelligent Flight
Automatic take-off
Automatic landing
Automatic patrol
Electronic Fence Support
Out Of Control Protection
The drone control and protection
device shall not use the fuse Support

Power Battery
Capacity 22000mAh
Battery Type LiPo
Net Weight 2.9kg(6.39lb)
Battery 2S LiPo, 7800mAh
Power Capacity Indicator Support
Independent Switch Support

Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 60°C(-4°F ~ 140°F)
Storage Temperature -30°C ~ 65°C(-22°F ~ 149°F)
Remote Controller
Max Transmission Distance 10Km
Screen 7" touch screen
Working Time 5hours
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 60°C(-4°F ~ 140°F)
Storage Temperature -30°C ~ 65°C(-22°F ~ 149°F)
PC Ground Station
Ethernet RJ-45
Protocol Support Onvif, SIP, RTSP and Dahua private protocol
Cryption Protocol IEEE802.1x
Port One HDMI port ,One VGA Port,RJ-45 Ethernet Port,
SD Card Reader
Video Record Support
Flight Log Record Support
 Ingress Protection US standard MIL-STD-810G, IP65
Storage 450G
Battery 8550mAh
Bandwith 8Mbps
Max Transmission Distance 3-10Km
Screen 13.1" touch screen
Double-Screen Split Display Support
High Extendibility PC station could easily get access to 3rd party VMS
under 4G environment

This product is a quadcopter drone which includes the aircraft, payload, remote control, and ground station. It’s designed for public security, transportation, firefighting, border defense, agricultural and forestry, and energy industries. It provides a complete aerial video surveillance solution with long transmission distance, high hovering accuracy, and 30x/40x optical zoom capabilities.


  • Carbon fiber material
  • 940mm Diagonal wheelbase 
  • Max Flight Time: 38mins
  • Max Speed: 25m/s
  • Max Transmission Distance: 10km
  • Max Flight Height: 1500m
  • PTZ Accuracy: ±0.01°
  • Satellite Positioning Systems: GPS / Beidou / GLONASS
  • Size 940 x 940 x 521 mm

System Overview

This product is a quadcopter drone which includes the aircraft, payload, remote control, and ground station. It’s designed for public security,
transportation, firefighting, border defense, agricultural and forestry, and energy industries. It provides a complete aerial video surveillance
solution with long transmission distance, high hovering accuracy, and 30x/40x optical zoom capabilities

Consumer-level drones

Consumer-level drones are mainly designed for use in aerial photography and personal shooting/ sharing for entertainment. Naturally they are pretty straightforward to operate and can take easily editable images/videos, often with automatic beautification and other entertainment functions.

Industry-level drones

This contrasts with industry-level drones that are built for serious public security mission such as power tower inspection, forest fire detection, public event management, security supervision over long bridges, detection aid for police forces, inspection of high speed traffic and other illegal incidents. It means that a very different set of functions are required for industry-level drones, including maintaining a high level of stability and safety, intelligent control, adaptability to different applications and environment, long distance mapping abilities, carrying capacity, and long battery life.

Dahua Drone X820 applications

The current industry-level drones boast the capacity to transmit images at up to 10km, and with access to multi-VMS platforms, they can put real-time audio and video streaming on the screen of a control center, thus providing information for police or security companies to solve the problem on site, such as directing crowds for evacuation via the correct route or sending out a medical team to the location where it is needed.

Dahua Drones are easy to operate and use in situations such as the following scenarios.

Power tower inspections

Often located in mountainous areas, power towers are hard and risky to reach. Dahua Drones can enhance the efficiency while making it less labor-intensive.

Benefitting from x30 optical zooming ability, Dahua Drones can capture HD images at a long distance, thus avoiding the accidents that ordinary drones have encountered as a result of electromagnetic interference from high-voltage power grids and visual mistakes by people operating from afar. The thermal camera they carry can accurately locate abnormally hot spots in cables and insulation terminals, thus preventing accidents from occurring.

Forest fire detection and control

Via the thermal camera it carries, Dahua Drones can detect suspicious hotspots invisible to naked eyes. At a height of 1500m, a Dahua Drone covers an area of 5km², doing the inspection work of dozens of people in just one flight.

When there is a fire, Dahua Drones can fly to the site against high temperatures and strong winds, transmitting relevant data to ground teams, so that they can make the right move using this information. Once the fire has been extinguished, Dahua Drone’s overhead inspection can prevent a second fire. In this sense, Dahua Drone is one of the best aids to help fire fighters.

Detection for police

Arriving swiftly and secretly at crime scenes, Dahua Drones record real-time visual information about locations, traffic and personnel using its multifunctional camera, which is capable of optical zooming x30 (allowing the drone to work from a long distance where it won’t be noticed by criminals); thermal imaging (allowing the drone to work at night) and automatic recognition of faces or wanted cars.

Using wireless transmission, the information collected is accessible to all mainstream VMS platforms. In short, it is a very powerful assistant for the police.

Public security management

At public events like concerts, sports meetings and marathons, a Dahua Drone can provide special security surveillance from up high because of its multiple flying modes (circling around and tracking down the target), while its powerful camera can capture the whole picture as well as specific details and whilst benefiting from its long 38-minute battery life.

The beauty of a Dahua Drone lies not only in its ability to work from afar but also its safety whilst flying. Having undergone all sorts of extreme tests, this means when in use, a Dahua Drone will not disturb the crowd below at all.

Mass surveillance

Take New York City Marathon for example. There are thousands of participants and spectators spreading over a range of over 26 miles. It is quite a challenge to set up an effective surveillance system for such a 1-day event. Dahua drone can be very useful for such scenario. If properly deployed, 8 sets of model 820 drones can deliver very good coverage for the entire marathon. Each drone could take care of 6 km range by patrolling back and forth, staying still a few minutes at each of the 6 patrol points 1 km apart to have a good look at the situation under. These drones will be flying at 100m above ground to produce sufficient clarity to effectively identify mass casualty incidents such as stampedes or a traffic accident.

Obviously similar deployment of drones can also be applied to scenarios such as music festivals, open-air concerts and important political rallies, which will not only help security companies to work more efficiently but also provide evidence if illegal incidents occur.

Inspection of bridges

The construction of massive bridges requires inspection, which usually takes lots of boats, equipment and experienced staff. Dahua Drones can greatly simplify the process and reduce the cost of money and time.

Dahua Drones can fly all around the bridge, checking the erosion, damage and other damages, while keeping a numbered record for experts to analyse afterwards.

It’s worth adding that Dahua Drones boast an outstanding ability to resist the wind (up to Windspeed 7.0), and are fully capable of maintaining highly accurate suspension over the river and providing stable visual information.

Inspection of high speed traffic

In daily patrols, when suddenly encountering the illegal behaviour of a driver, Dahua Drones can capture the HD image of it from afar and keep the record as evidence. Information about the car, the license plate and the driver will be immediately identified after the video is simultaneously transmitted to the back-end. In another scenario, if there is a traffic jam on a highway and nobody knows what is happening, Dahua Drone can provide real time and first-hand images/video for related department to decide.

In conclusion, Dahua Drones can play a key role in various public security scenarios. Dahua has caught the latest technology trend and adapted to enable a Safer Society and Smarter Living. This is the future that Dahua Drones are helping us towards.

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