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We are primarily engaged in providing high-quality and efficient in Anti-Drone services. Are are ranked in the most skilled conpanies in the middle east, Which results in being one of the largest in the industry, when it comes to drone protection.

Partnered with the most qualified companies world wide, we can provide a complete anti-drone solution that can be integrated with your own security system.

The UAV Counter-GUN is a directed-energy unmanned aircraft system (UAS) countermeasure. It quickly disrupts the adversary's control of the drone, neutralizing it so that no remote action, including detonation, can occur, minimizing drone damage and risk to public safety.

New Market Company leading the charge with the ultimate anti-drone solutions. Pushing aside antiquated ideas on aerial defense, our dedicated team of experts is in a relentless pursuit to make the sky safe for all. Rethink your airspace security and trust us to defend your sensitive site or event from any kind of drone intrusion

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