Smart Detection

Drones today have the ability to easily learn or understand things even with difficult situations. With the most advanced sensors, our drones can detect and share the location of spotted objects with a simple click.

Security Detection

Drones recently positioned themselves as an effective multi-task tool in many sectors. Predicted to play a big role in future smart cities, through their use in surveillance and protection systems, and for maintaining security. There are various factors that need to be taken into consideration, when it comes to security methods. Obviously, features play an important role, depending on what your needs are. Our top service solution software can be accessed anywhere, providing users to program, fully control and manage missions with a simple click, delivering raw aerial data, transforming it into concise, actionable insight.

Drone detection technology has been improved as we has been seen in the recent years, The technology will soon find highly automated and comprehensive solutions that will further increase the added value of using drones in many ways.

AI Detection

Drones with machine learning technology can process high-quality data and output real-time information. This technology enables companies from various industries to enhance their operations to reach the goals in the given time. These drones can be applied for procedure automation in multiple fields like :

  • Livestock Management
    With our knowledge of the animal care industry, and our extensive expertise in developing animal care software solutions, we can help you optimize and better manage your animal care procedures and practices.
  • Precision Agriculture
    With Drone data, harvest is less costly and more productive. Using drone machine learning, farm owners became confident when it comes to estimating the best date for the harvest to occure. This strategy saved money by minimizing strain on the human pickers, and maximized the yield by collecting on time
  • Crack Detection
    Artificial intelligence was used to train a computer to detect cracks in concrete and estimate their size.
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