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Cut the search and response times from hours to minutes. Drones allow rescuers a way to find missing people, deliver supplies like food and life vests. Rescue drone can cover far more area than a team of searchers on foot. With an advanced payloads (thermal imaging for example) can be used to peer through smoke, fog, darkness, and vegetation in order to find any victims.  Their effectiveness in search and rescue missions is paramount, and they are well on their way to proving their worth.

Drone in a box

One of the best drones for aerial infrared imaging is a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual has a dual camera system featuring a 4k optical camera a lower resolution thermal sensor. The Drone comes with modular accessories (speakers, spotlight, beacon) which considered to be a complete solution when it comes to searching.

Using the drones in emergency situation for a quick response could safe lives.  Our missions generally seek to rescue humans or other warm blooded life forms. Using the most advanced thermal cameras is the ideal solution for this as body heat naturally makes humans stand out from plant life, making them easy to spot very

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