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Drones, or unmanned aerial systems (UAS), are used in the oil and gas industry for both small-scale and large-scale aerial survey. Unlike conventional aerial surveying methods, they can be used to quickly and easily gather various types of aerial data in a cost efficient manner. This data can be used for pipeline or site monitoring, creating digital elevation models, 3D models of rigs and refineries, up-to-date aerial imagery, remote site monitoring, and environmental response.

What We Use

LiDAR Sensor

Explore a unique drone detection solution to overcome your threats Ar

Thermal Sensor

Explore a unique drone detection solution to overcome your threats.

Gas Detector

Methane gas detector is the safe and smart solution to monitor mathane gas leakage. 

What We Do

  1. Plan
    We Plan a drone mission to cover the required area
  2. Collect
    We Collect the data requested in a high quality
  3. Deliver
    Handing-over the requested file type

The oil and gas inspection industry operates according to stringent standards that primarily strive to keep equipment running efficiently while maintaining workplace safety. Drones performing a general visual inspection to detect cracks and gas leaks in less time and risk.


Looking for cracks and corrosion on rafters, walls, and roof sections of storage tanks by performing close visual inspection beyond line of sight.

What We Deliver

- Visual Spectrum Imagery

- Infrared Imagery

- Quick overview and evaluation of hard to reach areas

- High quality images and video - sharp and detailed photographs of defects

- Quick on-site deployment of the drone inspection system, to take an immediate action

- Authorized and qualified UAV-inspection personnel reduced downtime.

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