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The construction industry also greatly benefits from drone mapping. Maps can be used to regularly update clients in the construction industry on the progress of their projects, analyze stockpiles of raw materials such as dirt and gravel, or even generate 3D models of construction sites. These maps help construction managers obtain the “big picture” and assist in strategic decision making.

What We Use

Land Survey

Drone photogrammy been playing a big role when it comes to 2D and 3D mapping. Unlike the traditional survey, drones are expediting workflows and saving significant time and money as they are increasingly used to not only reduce the manpower, but to give more accurate results when less time.

What We Do

  1. Plan
    We Plan a drone mission to cover the required area
  2. Collect
    We Collect the data requested in a high quality
  3. Deliver
    Handing-over the requested file type
Land Surveying

Land surveyors are an obvious beneficiary of aerial mapping. Their job is to take precise measurements on pieces of land in order to determine boundaries.

2D & 3D

Surveyors can obtain a highly accurate map with photogrammetry that can easily be turned into a 3D topographic map

What We Deliver

- 3D Model

- Digital Elevation Model

- Visual Spectrum Imagery

- Infrared Imagery

- quick overview and evaluation of hard to reach areas

- preventive maintenance planning and optimised production

- access to areas that pose health, safety and environmental risk to humans

- high level of safety for personnel

- high quality images and video - sharp and detailed photographs of defects

- quick on-site deployment of the drone inspection system

- authorized and qualified UAV-inspection personnel reduced downtime.

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