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Drones, or unmanned aerial systems (UAS), are used in unsafe operations for humans. In order to eleminate the risk. Drones are being used to inspect and assess the status of a distributed energy network. 

What We Use

LiDAR Sensor

Explore a unique drone detection solution to overcome your threats

intelligent Moods

Retake function techlogoly, inspections can target an area of ​​interest, and search and compare through intelligent algorithms to ensure the same target area is captured automatically,  to effectively improving the accuracy of the inspection

What We Do

Our drones can capture detailed imagery of potential defects which allows maintenance personnel to act based on the given data – is the apparent damage at the surface level, or is it structural? Drones can also capture tower, pole images from any angle, which is often not possible with other inspection methods


Performing a General Visual Inspection to detect cracks and anomalies


Smart intelligent moods are used to accurately position the drone in a previously inspected area and compare it with the current stage

What We Deliver

High quality mission files for future automated inspections.

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